Jennifer Hartmann, aka Jenna/ Jen, is the mind, soul and founder of Baal Fashion.


"As early as Kindergarten did I discover my love for the extraordinary in textiles, when my mother dressed me in a jacket she had created herself. It was green with a multi-coloured heart print.

So it came natural to me that growing older I became best friends with the sewing machine and loved to explore the possibilities of expression through textiles. Unexpected cuts and fabrics exited me and I enjoyed challenging myself and others with peculiar designs of my own making.

The Bavarian village I went to school in named me the "potato sack girl" as I had come to school in a dress made of an old potato sack and shoe lace.

At the age of twenty I moved to Berlin.

There I further explored the joys of upcycling and creating funky one-off pieces for myself and friends. I began incorporating subtle and less subtle asymmetries as a key point in my design.

My other passions being literature and drama brought me to many open poetry stages at first in Freising, then in Berlin, (later even London) and to the English Theatre Berlin, where I designed / styled/ co-created the costumes for " Tale of the rebel waves" a BIYT's production) and "a Berlin summernight's dream" ( an "international people of Berlin"'s production). This got me the job of "head costume designer" at another Shakespeare production ( "Henry IV" for Shakespeare in the Park Berlin) one year later when I had already started my studies of Fashion design at Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin Kreuzberg.

During the following six semesters I explored the intricacies of making clothes and creating fashion, always last of the class ;-).

When at Christopher-Street-Day 2012 I first encountered a "T-girl" , I was hungry for inspiration beyond the binary.

Always having identified as "other" when it comes to my own gender identity and troubled by the superficiality of fashion in general, I instantly embraced the idea of working with/for Transgender people.

In 2013 the time had come to bring this idea to life, so I wrote my bachelor thesis about femininity in it's entirety and created my first trans-positive Fashion collection.

I took Baal to Berlin fashion week, Hamburg Pride week, Sparkle Manchester, TransPride Brighton and TransPride SouthWest and moved it and myself to London in 2016.


In December 2018 I collaborated with The Institute of contemporary Art (ICA) in London, GUAP magazine and the London College of Fashion and in 2020 I was invited to speak about my visions in fashion at Sohohouse London.