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Baal is a trans-positive Fashion label, that was founded in 2013 in Berlin, by Jen Hartmann.

It consists of Baal (main line) and a side project in cis-sizes that works with elements of up-cycling, called QuBaal.

So far three collections have been launched : "Start wearing Purple" in 2013, "Kiss from a rose" in 2014 and "Resurrection" in 2017.                                       .

The label is now based in London, UK and works towards a fashion reality, in which Transgender women will not have to compromise on fit and style anymore. Our clothes are created in our very own "third gender" size system, which uses meassurements from real transfemale people and its gender expression is female. Designwise Baal is all about finding artful solutions to the particular challenges of dressing a female mind in a male body.